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Infant and Toddler childcare at God’s Grace Learning Center Tomball


Our adorable infants attending our Tomball childcare center play in a world all their own. Each infant is assigned their own crib and place for belongings, such as extra blankets/clothes, individual toys, diapers, etc. Our infant daycare room schedule is primarily on-demand: on demand feedings, napping, and playtime! Our infant caregivers are supportive of the schedules your baby needs to be on, including breastfeeding schedules and breast milk feeding for your infant as you return to work. Whether formula or breast milk, our infant areas are equipped with refrigerators to keep milk products and baby's first foods at appropriate temperatures and can warm bottles as needed for feedings as well. Our infant teachers also balance cuddling, tummy time, and unending snuggles for a happy, healthy baby while you are away.


As I grow and play at school I will be learning:

3 months

  • Lift head and chest while lying on the floor (tummy time)
  • Be able to turn head toward bright colors or a voice
  • Follow a moving object with his/her eyes
  • Grasp toys

6 months

  • Hold my head steady
  • Reach and grab for toys
  • Sit up with little support
  • Babble, laugh, and squeal

12 months

  • Drink from a cup
  • Feed myself with finger foods
  • Point at objects or people
  • Recognize names of family/teachers
  • Crawl
  • Stand alone
  • Say first words
  • Understand simple commands

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