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Why God’s Grace Learning Center in Tomball?

When parents are choosing a daycare, they often ask themselves a plethora of questions. The most obvious questions are: is this a safe environment for your child, or what kind of curriculum does this daycare provide, or will my child be taught the same values at daycare that you will be teaching at home. Other questions such as prices, location, transportation, and snacks are also very important for the well-being of your child and for your own peace of mind.

Choosing God’s Grace Learning Center

God’s Grace Learning Center is a non-profit Christian institution that provides daycare services founded on biblically-based lessons and learning activities. The teachers and workers follow a curriculum based on the Pinnacle Curriculum which has been adapted to meet the needs of children in the community and to adhere to the faith professed by First Baptist Tomball and its members. It is a primary goal of God’s Grace Learning Center to provide a loving and supportive atmosphere for your child, and to help your child in his or her exploration of the world God created.

What God’s Grace Learning Center Offers Your Child

God’s Grace Learning Center offers bible-based learning to help your child understand their place in the world through a Christian perspective. During weekly chapel and music time, your child will be introduced to age-appropriate Biblical concepts and worship time, while teachers explain what it means to worship and how God loves each and every one of them. Your child will also spend time doing arts and crafts and teacher-led reading time each day. God’s Grace Learning Center also offers fun-filled activities and special holiday celebrations. Some of these celebrations are meant to encourage family togetherness and community-building activities such as Fall Festivals and Thanksgiving Feasts. They also offer on and off campus field trips For older school-age students, God’s Grace Learning Center offers help with their homework, after school snack, and a large playground and gymnasium for healthy exercise and fun. There are also several camps and field trips scheduled during Spring Break, Christmas Break, and during the summer to encourage further learning and encourage fun-filled activities. All of these events and lessons are designed to encourage your student to learn and embrace Jesus Christ as their Savior and to learn age-appropriate biblical concepts.

What God’s Grace Learning Center Offers Parents

For parents of young children, God’s Grace Learning Center offers full childcare from 6am to 6:30pm. For parents of school-age children, God’s Grace Learning Center offers convenient transportation for your student to and from school. Pricing varies based on the child's age and amount of care they require, but it is comparable or even less than other local daycares. God’s Grace Learning Center is a ministry to your children, but it is also a ministry to the parents as well. Having an affordable, loving environment for your children 5 days a week gives parents peace of mind and security, so they can do what needs to be done and enjoy their children after work, reinforcing the values taught at God’s Grace Learning Center.

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